How it Works

Connect with Experts for Your Needs

UnityMesh connects Startups, Scaleups and Innovation teams with the Experts, Mentors and Advisors they need.

Experts can be located, booked and engaged via web conferencing as convenient for you.  

You can book an e-coffee meeting, a indepth consulting session, establish an advisor for your team, or establish a panel of board advisors to support governance and growth.



1) Go to Expert Specialities to find your category

2) Or go to Survey & answer a few questions to find you expert

3) Review their details and offerings

4) Book a session online

5) Complete any remaining registration details

6) You'll receive a a confirmation email

7) Connect to the web conference at the agreed time

8) Get the expertise you need and rate your expert

8) You will receive an invoice and receipt of payment processed


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